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My Rendition of Fire and Ice
What is the difference between ice and fire?
Fire is a burning passion you learn to acquire
Its desire takes over the heart and mind with ease
But be warned, you must know how to keep this flaming love appeased
For if not, this love can turn into a jealousy that can burn
And all you will end up feeling is the bite of heartbreak in return
Ice is a hatred you've held bottled up for so long
Its cold bitterness tries to break out as you struggle back to be strong
If you are not careful, this venomous resentment can creep into your soul and bind
Its spiteful ways can reach into your thoughts and warp and twist your mind
You could say that Fire and Ice are almost kin
For both can be dangerous to contain and hard to hide within
But which of these is more stronger you may ask
That question is worth pondering but difficult to unmask
For the powerful yearning of Fire can learn to melt Ice's cutting frost
But even Firel will eventually begin to die and at what cost?
For then Ice comes back in ful
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2011 Me by regalFlutterby 2011 Me :iconregalflutterby:regalFlutterby 1 1 Sunny Day by regalFlutterby Sunny Day :iconregalflutterby:regalFlutterby 0 2
I wish
         I wish I was the kind of girl you want
         But I guess speaking my mind makes me too blunt
         I wish I was the kind of girl that made you stare
         But I guess I'm not supposed to show that I care
         I wish I knew how you really felt
         But I guess I'll never be the one to make you melt
         I wish I could be the girl you would take to a dance
         But I guess you would only want to get in my pants
         I wish you would open up to me once more
         But I guess you've decided to close the door
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Haunted by regalFlutterby Haunted :iconregalflutterby:regalFlutterby 0 0
Another Night
Another night on my own
Another night all alone
Another night wishing you would call
Another night my hopes will fall
Another night trying not to cry
Another night just wanting to die
Another night feeling so cold
Another night where nightmares are told
Another night sitting in the dark
Another night leaves its mark
Another night comes and goes
Another night full of my woes
Another night that I miss you
Another night wondering do you miss me too?
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Buddy Pose by regalFlutterby Buddy Pose :iconregalflutterby:regalFlutterby 0 0 Epicus by regalFlutterby Epicus :iconregalflutterby:regalFlutterby 0 5
Angel Girl
You were the sunshine of our lives
Your joy and happiness helped us strive
You are God's angel sent from above
And you were sent full of love
Everybody cried when they discovered
You were in a wreck and your body was covered
No one knew what would happen that night
That our angel would go on her last flight
The screeching of tires and explosion of glass
And that your body hit the road instead of soft grass
Thought in the past you tried to rebel,
You can't go back to the sweet girl I knew so well
To be continued
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Sorrow Part 1 and Part 2
Sorrow: Part 1: Question
What is sorrow?
Is it grief beyond tears?
Or is it a deep pain in your heart when you lose someone or something close to you and you can never replace them?
Is it the hole where a piece of your life is missing?
What is sorrow?
Why do we stay so sad...
When suppossedly there's always tomorrow?
Sorrow: Part 2: Answer
Sorrow is all of those things, but this is my definition of the deepest sorrow of all...
It's when the sun turns her back on the earth,
so we are full of darkness.
We are left to stumble along blindly,
crying out for help and some kind of light.
It's like a tunnel with a beacon of light at the end...
So far away that you can never reach it.
But when you slowly oversome your emotions, there is the brightest light of all:
that's your guaranteed happiness.
Though there may always be a tomorrow, sorrow still takes time to heal.
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Fallen Archangel by regalFlutterby Fallen Archangel :iconregalflutterby:regalFlutterby 3 15 BUDDY by regalFlutterby BUDDY :iconregalflutterby:regalFlutterby 0 9
As i take the razor sharp knife
And cut away at my skin
My mind goes back in time
Whenever i was actually happy
A time that now seems so far away
Yes indeed life was better those days
I was carefree and happy
Didn't have a care in the world
But now the world has finally turned against me
Cold and cruel
And i myself have changed
Alone in the dark
My heart has turned to stone
I'm lost in the darkness
The darkness of my deep mind
I've been hurt far too many times to go on
Too many tears, so many fears
My life is a time bomb
Ticking and ticking waiting to explode
Which is when my life will come to an end
I'm lost in the voics
The ones inside my head
Telling me that I'm different
And that i should be dead
I try to drown them out with yelling
But it's no use
I hold back my screams
As the blood trickles down my slit wrists
I can not explain the things inside my head
So i wrote these words instead
My vision is blurring from the tears streaming out of my eyes
My ears are deaf to the anguished w
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Two sides in one person
Part of me is perky blue,
the sky of a perfect day
energetic and hyper
vivacious and silly
living life to the fullest
But under this persuasive mask,
there's another part in play...
A stormy black
as black as a rain cloud
shy and unsure
yet dark and desolate
releasing her wrath on the innocent
They both mold into one...
and that one is me
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Why do you forsake me so?
I thought we were friends…
But after what you did…
I don't think so
Yet I don't want it to end
I've been there for you always
Been there when you cried and were sad
And will be for the rest of my days
I calmed you when you were full of hate and mad
I saved your life!
Stopped you from suicide!
Does that not mean a thing to you?
That I stopped the knife…
Now since you've shunned me,
A part of me has died
You even made me cry
I sobbed just because you hung up on me
I don't want this pain
So decide before I say good-bye
You hurt me
I thought our friendship meant something to you
Cause it did to me
Not to be tossed away without a care
I care for you as a sister does for her brother
A love strong and fair
But why have you forsaken me?
If you can not answer
Then go away
So I can forget about you
But still...
why have you hurt me?
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Imagine how you would feel if your best friend died  
How you would feel if the love of your life commited suicide                                                                     
Imagine how you would feel if the world suddenly came to an end                                                                    
How you would feel when all the colors began to melt, mix, and blend                                                            
Imagine how you would feel seeing the one who loved you suffer and grow still,                                              
And how you would never get to tell them how you finally feel                                                                  
Imagine your life slipping away,                            
Holding the knife and telling yourself "This is the only way"                                                                             
Imagine your friend giving their life to save you,        
And now here you are trying to take your's
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United States
Current Residence: Texas
Favourite genre of music: Metal and Rock
Personal Quote: Living life is easy with eyes closed
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  • Drinking: water
I'm looking over the poetry I have posted in the past couple of years and I can't help but feel frustrated at myself. A couple of years ago, I was going through a low in life and I wrote a couple of amazing poems *amazing to me at least* that revealed how I truly felt. Well, stupid me. I never printed them out or posted them on here because I wasn't finished with them. And at that time I didn't have an external hard drive but of course there are other ways to back up files. How was I to know though that I would crash my hard drive and the files would never be retrievable? I hate that I lost those poems I had started. I was really proud of them. :(  Ah well. C'est la vie. I still have the hard drive... maybe one day I will find someone who can actually fix it enough to retrieve those poems. Just wishful thinking.


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